samedi 18 décembre 2010

Who will do what

So, who will be doing what in the Marco Polo project? You're wondering - how can I take part? My Chinese is not that great, but I'd loke to help. Or even you don't speak any Chinese, but you think it's a great idea. Well, here's a general outline of how it could work.
There's a general idea, very romantic, that a translation is the work of a single mind, engaging with a single text, absorbing it, and then alchemically transforming it into a different text. I'm not sure it's the only way to go about it. I've been reading the Wu Ming for too long to still believe in the power of the one (check out their website at I believe a translation can be a collaborative work, at the very least between two people: a Chinese person who speaks some of a Western language - enough to draft a translation. And a person who speaks the same Western language, and enough Chinese to check the accuracy of the translation. Others can jump in - reviewers, speaking either of these two languages. And then, if you want to help but find translation too daunting, there's lots of little jobs to do - proof-reading, sourcing texts, writing summaries, administrating the website, passing on the information to your friends...
It will all be mapped out when the website gets launched - these are just ideas jotted down for the moment - feel free to contribute!

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